COVID Cases on the Increase in Shelby County

January 11, 2022

By Thad Requet

COVID cases in Shelby County have jumped in the last couple of weeks. According to Shelby County Health Director Audrey Gough. A total 72 cases were reported last week. A total of 66 of those 72 cases were still active as of Friday night when Gough left work.

“We have had probably around another 20 cases today,” Gough said on Monday afternoon.

She said there are no changes with schools or nursing homes on procedures at this point. Gough said new CDC guidance is being followed. That guidance states that if you test positive, you stay home for five days, if you are feeling better, and have no fever, and the symptoms have improved, people can go back to work or school but they should be wearing a mask those last five days.
Gough said it’s important to avoid crowds, wear a mask. “If it’s not necessary to go to an event, then don’t go. We have a lot of people sick and we really need to be aware of people around us who maybe can’t fight COVID as well as maybe others of us could.”

“There were two cases today that involved people who had COVID a year ago. We are seeing repeat cases from people who have had it once getting it again. That is due to it being in a different variant.” Gough said that’s why it is so important to get a vaccine, to limit the transmission and length and seriousness of the illness.

“The patients who are getting it that have been vaccinated are experiencing mild symptons and shorter periods of not feeling well.”

“It hasn’t gone away and we don’t think it will go away. We’ve got to make an effort to try to control it and slow it down,” Gough explained..