COVID Continues to be an Issue in the Local Area and Statewide

August 03, 2021

By Thad Requet

Shelby County Health Director Audrey Gough reported that Shelby County currently has 20 active cases of COVID-19. A total of 18 out of 20 were not vaccinated.

Gough stressed that even if you have had COVID, you can get it again. She said that she had a local physician tell her that one of their patients had a chest x-ray looked just like it did last summer when they first had it.

“I want to encourage people to please call us or call their doctor and talk through what scares them about the vaccine. Many are worried about long term effects of the vaccine. At this point we have had 18 months of COVID, There are lots of long term effects from COVID including chronic fatigue, metal taste in their mouth, loss of hair, no taste or smell. You should be more concerned about what the long term of COVID will be,” Gough said.

“We have had minimal side effects from the vaccine, which lasts just a few days. People also need to understand that even though you had COVID in the winter months, this is a different strain. The antibody may not be as useful as you might think. This virus is mutating and changing,” she said.

Hannibal Regional

Visitor Guidelines

As of Aug. 2, Hannibal Regional has updated its visitor guidelines for patients being admitted to Hannibal Regional Hospital.

•All patients being admitted to Hannibal Regional Hospital will be limited to one support person/visitor at a time, with the exception of the Chris Coons Women’s Care Unit.

•Each patient will receive one armband upon admittance that is removable and can be used by different people, but the patient is limited to one visitor at a time.

•Chris Coons Women’s Care Unit: As of Aug. 2, the Chris Coons Women’s Care Unit will allow only two healthy support people during labor. These are the only two people that will be allowed during labor. They will be screened, must wear a mask, and will be banded with a coach wristband. After the birth of the baby, only one of the designated support people may continue to stay to support the mother and baby.

•COVID positive patients are not allowed to have visitors.

•All Hannibal Regional locations are “no mask, no entry” and masks must remain on for the entire visit.

These guidelines are for Hannibal Regional Hospital patients and do not apply to patients at Hannibal Regional Medical Group or in the Emergency Room.