Shelby County Ranks as the Top County in the State for the Disbursement of the COVID Vaccine

February 09, 2021

By Thad Requet

Shelby County was ranked number one in the state per capita in getting vaccine shots in the arms of its citizens, with an 18 percent rating. The State average is 8.9 percent, according to Shelby County Health Department Director Audrey Gough.

“We’ve been lucky we’ve been able to get vaccine. We have distributed 647 doses as of today (Tuesday),” Gough said. “We have another shipment that just arrived today. The Health Department will have another clinic this week. “We are going through our list and setting up appointments. People have been very appreciative to get the shot,” she added.

The accomplishment of getting the shot out so quickly is thanks to a couple of entities. “Between Hannibal Regional and ourselves, we have been able to accomplish this. It’s good to be number one for a good thing,” Gough said.

She said they are seeing less cases at this moment. “Between the weather, and people not wanting to get tested, and isolating at home, our numbers are down”.

Gough said the United Kingdom variant of COVID-19 is in Missouri. It has been detected in Marion County. “It doesn’t make you more sick, it is just more contagious. The key is to continue efforts to stop the spread, especially in the nursing homes as well as in the schools,” she said. Right now Shelby County has 10 active cases.