Shelby County R-IV School Board Gets Updates on Elementary School, COVID-19

January 19, 2021

By Thad Requet

The Shelby County R-IV School Board discussed several things during its regular January meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 13 in the middle school library.



Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Troy Clawson said they have done some maintenance work on the back parking lot. They have been working on the storage building that was recently purchased. They are waiting for doors to come in. He is not sure when it will be usable. It is pretty much done except for a few features such as lighting. He does want to get into it before they close on the elementary properties.

With expenses the district is set to receive around $112,000 from the recent elementary school and property auction.

Covid-19 Update

Clawson said they have still been under the mask mandate. He said they had a positive case this week that resulted in around a dozen quarantines. He then said he would like to back off the mask plan and go back to where they were. He said that would make the staff happy. If things get worse they can go back to the masks again. The board approved a motion going back to the original recommendation, which doesn’t have any mask restrictions.

He said teachers were the only ones wearing them and that very few people on the South Shelby side are wearing them at basketball games.

Donation of Surplus Property to the

City of Clarence

Clawson and the board went over the donation agreement with the City of Clarence with the school property. A motion was approved to table this for closed session.

Building Payment for Elementary School

Clawson said they have had a lot of activity at the Elementary building and things are getting done. He said the HVAC system doesn’t seem like it’s heating the rooms equally. They are going to get that leveled out. He noted that workers are getting closer. Clawson said there have been significant improvements in a lot of places.

The board chose not to make this month’s payment.

Principals Reports

South Shelby Elementary Principal Katie Stueve appreciated the use of the Hawkins Theater for the Christmas program this year. She also mentioned Andrew Coon who shot the video of the program. She also mentioned that Jim Foster was available for the program.

Stueve mentioned that Cara Wilt received a grant for some non-fiction science books for $100.

Mendy Schaefer, who runs the Parents as Teachers program co-oped with North Shelby. The North Shelby CTA received a $500 grant, which was split with South Shelby, $250 for each school.

She said the kids are thriving and learning and even though it hasn’t been a normal year, they are getting through it.

She mentioned the kindergarten and preschool screenings coming up in March.

She said they are scheduling MAP testing for this year. It will not be counted against the district, but it will still be stressful.

Stueve mentioned it was board appreciation month and said she was grateful for everything this board does.

South Shelby Middle School Principal Curt Bowen also mentioned the Christmas program and how well it went at the Hawkins Theater.

He also mentioned that archery season has started. There are 63 kids involved with the program.

He gave a transportation update. He mentioned running super-single and did it from South Shelby to Macon Vo-Tech. He said it has worn off very little off of the tire. It will be switched over to a gravel bus and they will continue to monitor the results.

He noted that Katie Stueve has received her doctorate.

South Shelby High School Principal Tim Maddex reported that F’s have gone up a little bit. He called it the football effect. He also noted that 61 percent of the students made the honor roll.

He said high school students will be testing also with the State to see where kids stand with everything that is going on.

He mentioned that basketball is in full swing.

Maddex also mentioned that Scholar Bowl is getting underway and the matches will be at the Hawkins Theater. He offered the theater to have a small concession stand to offset expenses it has missed out on.

The South Shelby Scarlets placed in a competition recently.

Other News

In other news the board:

*approved the agenda as presented.

*approved consent items.

*approved the current month’s bills.

*heard program and data reports from principals.