Shelby County Hits Highest Seven-Day Positivity Rate in Missouri; Gough Issues Warning

December 09, 2020

By Thad Requet

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported that Shelby County held the highest seven day positivity rate in the state of Missouri with a rate of 54.2 percent. This rate means that of those who get tested, slightly over half are testing positive for the coronavirus.

That figure is updated daily, and as of Tuesday afternoon, Shelby County had dropped to second in the State with 46 percent of those being tested coming back positive. The figures, which are updated daily, can be found at

In the time when Shelby County was ranked number one, it was reported 59 tests were administered within the county in the seven day period with 32 being positive for COVID-19. Shelby County Health Department Administrator, Audrey Gough, is urging people to mask up and stay home if exhibiting symptoms.

The CDC and Johns Hopkins University figure it daily and go back seven days. It’s for the public health departments to track how the virus is spreading. “When you have numbers like this you should have more people tested because it is obviously spreading in this area,” Gough explained..

“When people want have Christmas with their families in three weeks we need to be thinking about minimizing the spread by looking at Christmas differently. Maybe smaller groups and in an environment where people aren’t piled on top of each other.”

“It comes down to wearing a mask and social distancing. If you can put a heat source in a garage or a machine shed, you should have it there and spread out. I’m not saying don’t have celebrations, I’m saying please look at it from a different angle where you can protect others and yourself,” Gough said.

“A lot of people can’t afford to be off for 10 days. This virus isn’t going to give you herd immunity. We’ve already had two or three that have gotten this a second time.”

If you can’t afford to take off work and to be on quarantine, you need to be sure you are putting yourself in the safest situation possible,” Gough explained.