Recommendations for Spectators Attending South Shelby Home Fall Sports Activities

September 01, 2020

Due to the ongoing concerns with the spread of Covid-19, the South Shelby School District has set out the following recommendations for spectators at athletic and extracurricular events.

Stay Home if

You are Sick

No spectator should attend a South Shelby event if they are sick. Please use the link below for a self-assessment of whether or not you should be attending any school events.

Social Distancing

The South Shelby School District recommends that you sit with your immediate family members and maintain a distance of six feet at all times from other spectators whenever possible. We further recommend that you bring your own seating (lawn chairs) to assist in this process for outdoor activities. This will help with social distancing and prevent overcrowding in the bleachers. Elementary and Middle School students will not be allowed to play around the stands or field.

Mask Encouraged When Unable to Social Distance

The South Shelby School District encourages the wearing of a mask any time you are not able to maintain six feet of social distancing between yourself and other spectators.

Wash and/or Sanitize

Hands Frequently

The South Shelby School District recommends that spectators sanitize their hands frequently. Additional hand sanitizer stations will be available at all athletic and extracurricular activities. People are encouraged to use them.

Watch the Games

Via Livestream

As of right now we have the capability to live stream all home football and basketball games. The following link will allow you to stream home football and basketball games. There is a fee to access this account, a percentage of the profits come back to the school. We will keep you posted if there are livestream options for away games.


Everyone is welcome to park in any of the lots around the school, including the new Elementary School lot. Handicapped parking will run along the west side of the service road that runs between the Football Field and Elementary. Only concession workers will be allowed to park behind the concession stand. We ask that all visitors sit in the visiting bleachers on the south side of the football field. There will be a coke trailer stocked with basic supplies for your convenience. Restrooms are located on the west side of the concession stand.


At this time there are no restrictions on the amount of spectators that may attend events at South Shelby R-IV

•Athletics and extracurricular activities are an essential part of the development and education of our students. The South Shelby School District recognizes the importance of these activities and believes that adhering to these outlined measures will help our students have as many of these experiences as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and your support of our students, coaches and sponsors in their athletic and extracurricular endeavors.

•These guidelines and recommendations are subject to change based on current national, state and local guidelines.