Shelby County Has 9 COVID Cases; Three Active

July 21, 2020

By Thad Requet

Shelby County Health Director Audrey Gough reported the county has had two new COVID-19 cases in the last week. Three cases are currently active and six are recovered.

“The last two are not traceable to others who are positive in the county,” Gough said.

Shelby County is now considered to be at the “Community Spread” level at this point. “There are asymptomatic people walking around that don’t know they have it. Some are being detected when they have a test before another procedure they are having done,” Gough explained. “Thankfully everyone has recovered.” She also said that people are taking the symptoms serious. “I’ve had great cooperation with those who have it going into quarantine.”

There is a big push to wear masks. Gough asked that people please consider it. “If you or someone you talk to are closer than six feet, please consider wearing a mask, it will help reduce the chances of spreading it,” she said.

“We are just four or five weeks from school starting. We are trying to keep numbers down as much as possible. We want to be able to open on the 24th as close to normal as possible,” she said.

All three schools (North Shelby, South Shelby and Heartland) have drafts of their plans. They are drafts because they could change at anytime.

Gough said it has helped that the big chain stores have made it mandatory to wear masks nationwide.

“We want everyone to be able to work as normal as possible. The mask should be right there with your keys, wallet and cell phone when you leave the house each day,” she explained.

“We need to be good role models for our kids and neighbors through all of this. If we can raise money for good causes like Neighbors Helping Neighbors, we should be able to help each other out by wearing a mask. This is not a scare tactic, or a motive to take a way your rights. The government tells us to do many things. We have to pay taxes. We have seat belt laws...lots of things we don’t necessarily agree with. This is for our safety and the safety of others,” she explained.

Gough said the masks are all about reducing the chances of getting the virus. “We’ve been lucky that nobody around here has had serious side effects that many others have had.” She mentioned a Blessing Hospital nurse who she watched on a Facebook live interview who had to stop and take a breath for about every sentence she spoke. Gough said she would not wish that on anyone.