A Second Case of COVID-19 Discovered in Shelby County

June 18, 2020

A second case of COVID-19 was reported this morning (Thursday, June 18) in Shelby County.

According to Shelby County Health Department Director Audrey Gough, the individual in this case is a person traveling to high risk areas where there are a large number of cases. The travel was due to their job within the state of Missouri.

They are currently self quarantining themselves at home and already recovering.

They've been in isolation since doctors tested them on Monday. At this time the individual has no close contact except for their spouse.

Gough explained that anytime you get tested for COVID-19 you are asked to self-quarantine the day of the test.

Health Department staff are working in coordination with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to determine any close contacts of that individual who were possibly exposed. If there were any, health officials will provide guidance to these individuals and monitor them closely for the development of symptoms. 

The health department urges the public to take appropriate precautions including good hygiene, social distancing and limiting in-person interactions. For individuals who are sick, particularly with fever and cough, or shortness of breath, stay home and contact your primary care provider for guidance regarding symptoms and next steps.

“The best tips for prevention are still social distancing and proper handwashing,” said Audrey Gough, director of Audrey Gough. “Staying home if you are sick and avoiding close contact with others will help us limit any spread.”

She noted that it's important to take this serious and realize that even though it's warm and nice outside, and people feel fine, COVID-19 is still out there. "If we want these schools to open in August we need to start taking proper precautions to curb this. We have to make sure we are sending our kids to a safe environment," she said.