South Shelby Extra Curricular Activities Resume this Week

June 16, 2020

By Thad Requet

With summer extra curricular activities beginning at South Shelby, listed below are a breakdown of the guidelines that are to be followed by coaches, advisors and directors during COVID-19.

There will be no camps during the month of June, including youth camps. There are tentative plans for July camps. The strong focus will be on skill development rather than group or team activities.

Social distancing must be practiced at all times with people staying six feet apart from each other. They are to sanitize during every break.

At this time there will be no traveling of any kind and no competition with other schools or towns unless the guidelines are changed and the coach is given administrative permission.

There is to be no more than 20 people, including coaches in the gym at one time. Summer activities are considered voluntary and people are asked not to attend if they are feeling sick.


No shared drinks or water stations, no mouthpieces, hand sanitizer stations are to be provided.

Skill development and drills that practice social distancing are okay.

No 7 on 7 competitions or team camps are to be held in June.


No more than 20 people, including coaches are allowed in the gym at one time. No more than three players at a skill development station, and practice social distancing at all times.

No scrimmaging, spray basketballs down and clean after station work.

No shootouts in June, and they are tentative for July.


Focus on skill development and maintain social distancing.

No out of town competition and players and coaches are to stay out of dugouts.


No more than 20 people including coaches in the gym at one time, and practice social distancing.

No stunts or lifts that require contact. Stay six feet apart from each other.


Practice social distancing, no more than 20 people in the gym at one time.

If another room needs to be used, stay six feet apart.

No sharing of instruments that require using your mouth, all sticks/mallets need to be wiped down after each use.

Weight Training

The weight room will be open June 15.

Outdoor facilities may be used for conditioning. Practice social distancing and sanitize frequently.

No more than 10 people, including coaches in the weight room at one time.