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Shelbina City Council Discusses Transportation Development District Funding
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The Shelbina City Council and Mayor Al Dimmitt talked about ways to promote along the highway things Shelbina has to offer, during Tuesday night’s regular council meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
   TDD Funds to the City
   City Clerk Tim Lacy reported that the Shelby County Commission split up $20,000 between the towns of Shelby County, with Shelbina getting $4,000 for hosting the meetings, and the rest of the towns getting $3,000 each.
   Mayor Al Dimmitt and the council discussed the grant money that will be received at the completion of the project. They are hoping that after that money is received the commission considers dividing out more funds to the towns.
   Dimmitt said he would like to earmark the money for now. He mentioned that they have discussed advertising along the highway Shelbina’s attraction such as the lake, golf course, aquatic center. They are going to look at pricing for this and see if Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments have access to excess funds from disaster relief. MTRCG is looking at possible projects that these funds could be used for. Klusmeyer said it didn’t have to be a FEMA project. The council is also considering the bridge on the dam at the Shelbina Lake, which needs work.
   MoDOT Areas that
   Need Mowing
   City Superintendent Dennis Klusmeyer said he has received some concerns about the MoDOT areas within the city limits. He said the concern is the people are having to maintain their property, but then MoDOT’s area is not mowed.
   The City is planning to draft a letter from the Mayor to see if those areas could be mowed more often. Klusmeyer said he would like to see them mowed monthly and kept within the eight inch area.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Tombstone Cleaning Class to be Held Saturday
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There will be a class on cleaning old tombstones at the Old Shelbina cemetery, Saturday July 14, 2018 from 1 to 3pm. It will be held under the large tree in the center of the Old Shelbina cemetery. All products necessary to clean tombstones properly will be provided. D2 is the safest cleaning product, it is used on all the National Monuments. We will provide brushes and scrapers to remove the lichen off the stones and show proper techniques. Lea Ann Oliver Robertson will be demonstrating the correct procedures. She is a member of the Association for Gravestone Studies and Cemetery Conservators for United Standards. Lea Ann has attended the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation in Mt Carroll, Illinois. She has attended 12 workshops at the Arkansas State Historical Society. Also has studied under Johnathan Appell, master stone mason. Anyone interested in learning the safe and proper method to clean tombstones is encouraged to attend. There will be no charge for this class. This will be a “hands on” class and there will be people available to help demonstrate proper procedures. If you have any questions, contact Kathleen Wilham 573 406 8589.   9720 1828 7/11/2018 hdl

Redistricting Would Lead to Drastic Cuts
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Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Tim Maddex went over likely scenarios if the redistricting would take place in August, during the regular school board meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at the South Shelby Middle School.
   Potential Impact
   of Redistricting
   Maddex said the estimated loss of assessed valuation would be $18,649,221. If you take that total times $3.75, it comes up with a lost assessed value of $699,346. the loss of State aid would be $820,000. Maddex said that the loss of State Assess Utilities would be $299,569. That all totals $1,818,915. Maddex pointed out that this does not include Federal funding. That number would be figured out by a poverty census review done by the State.
   Maddex then looked at the expected expenses for the Clarence school building for the next school year.
   So, if you take out five teachers at a total of $360,867; a Special Ed teacher at $51,387; a Title I teacher and aide at $125,241; a Pre-K teacher at $20,274; half the cost of a health nurse at $13,311; Library staff at $38,315; Tech at $20,000; an Administrator at $75,583; operations staff at $139,727; and three staff members in transportation at $78,000. That would total $922,706.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Fireworks capped off a busy Fourth of July day at the Shelbina Lake.   9711 1828 7/11/2018 hdl

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The Third Annual Firecracker Mud Run was one of the highlights of the day for the Fourth of July Celebration that was held at the Shelbina Lake on Wednesday. Around 160 people participated in the mud run this year.   9712 1828 7/11/2018 hdl


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