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The competition was fierce at the annual Shelbina Elementary Track Meet that was held on Friday, May 11. It is one of the end of the school year traditions that is enjoyed by students, staff and the public.   9624 1820 5/16/2018 hdl

R-IV Board Passes Resolution, Hears Public Comment, Joins Eastbay
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The Shelby County R-IV School Board approved a resolution showing support for the district against possible re-districting, heard public comment against the re-districting, and signed a five-contract with Eastbay, during its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 9, in the middle school library.
   Public Comment
   Amy Harre read a prepared statement to the board expressing her feelings about the importance of keeping the school district together. That statement can be read in its entirety in this issue of the Shelbina Weekly under the Letter to the Editor section.
   Board President Aaron Gaines also thanked the district teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.
   Board Approves
   Updated Resolution
   The R-IV Board approved an updated resolution titled ‘Resolution Cardinal Kids’ which was read out loud by board member Jim Foster. The resolution showed support for the R-IV district and spoke against the possible re-districting. It was approved by a 5-2 vote. (You can see the separate article beginning on the front page to read the entire resolution and comments before the vote.)
   Information Regarding
   New Elementary
   Maddex presented information regarding the new elementary school. He noted that they are looking at a Design Bid Build approach with a move in date in the fall of 2020. He said that is backed up from the original plan but through savings and the other issues going on this summer, he felt that was the best approach to take.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
  9625 1820 5/16/2018 hdl

Board Resolution Against Re-Districting Draws Criticism from a Two Board Members
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The Shelby County R-IV approved a resolution speaking out against the possible re-districting that would send the western third of the school district to Macon R-1. But it wasn’t a 7-0 vote. There were two no votes from the leaders of the Shelby County R-IV School District. Below is the entire resolution, as read in the meeting, with quotes from board members to follow.
   Cardinal Kids
   Whereas - The Shelby County R-IV Board of Education recognizes the potential implications of redistricting and what those implications may mean for the future of The Shelby County R-IV School District students, educators, administrators, staff and patrons currently as well as in the future.
   Whereas - Should redistricting occur, all students deemed non-district students by The Missouri State Department of Education will be dismissed on that date of determination from The Shelby County R-IV District. Those students, through their parents or legal guardians, will have the option to remain in the district by paying a minimum $7,000.00 tuition and possibly more depending on the rate set by the board of education during the year that redistricting would take place.
   Whereas - The Shelby County R-IV Board of education recognizes the financial burden to the students and their families through tuition requirements should redistricting occur. The Board of Education recognizes the loss to students of positions in whatever extracurricular activities that they may be engaged in during their time in The Shelby County R-IV School District and that there is no guarantee that these positions will transfer to another school district to include class rank, organization offices held, scholastic performance and organization performance awards, potential financial aid via local scholarships for high school seniors and other possible positions held by students.
   Whereas - The Shelby County R-IV Board of education recognizes the potential burden that exists should redistricting occur as to the potential complications that could result in the employment status of administrators, teachers and staff with regard to employment contracts within the Shelby County R-IV school district. It recognizes the priority given to tenured teachers to retain their employment while potentially displacing non-tenured teachers or those teachers lacking seniority. It is also recognized that non-tenured teachers going to another school district will lose time accrued toward their attainment of tenure.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
  9626 1820 5/16/2018 hdl

City Council Decides to Leave Things as is with the Special Road District
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The Shelbina City Council decided to let the Special Road District issue rest during its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 9 at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Other News
   In other news the council:
   •approved the agenda as presented.
   •approved the consent agenda which contained the minutes to the April 24 meeting, the bills and payroll.
   •approved a motion to put up a street light on East Beech.
   Special Road District
   Leslie Wilt and Kerry Lackey were at the council meeting to talk about the Special Road District with Mayor Al Dimmitt and the council. Wilt explained that Presiding Commissioner Glenn Eagan was originally concerned that it wasn’t fair that people from Shelbina were paying 12 cents for the Special Road District tax compared to the county residence getting 35 cents.
   “We get 35 cents plus the 12 cents that was voted in years ago. We used to have to do (vote it in) every four years and it got to be where we didn’t know if we were going to be able to operate or not,” Wilt explained. He said the state advised to put it on the ballot to leave the tax on there.
   It’s 48 miles of road that the special road district maintains around the City of Shelbina. It operates on a 47 cent tax, with the county keeping three cents to handle the money, according to Wilt. It generates about $104,000 a year to maintain the roads.
   Lackey explained that the special road district still operates as it did years ago, to maintain the roads leading to Shelbina. He said they are very busy roads. He also noted that snow is removed in a day’s time and it serves its purpose. Wilt agreed that it serves the community very well. Wilt also noted that the special road district puts 125 ton of rock on the road each year.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
  9627 1820 5/16/2018 hdl

South Shelby Boys Take Second in Sectionals
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The South Shelby track teams continue to roll as individuals from both teams are heading to the State Track Meet after a good showing at the Sectional meet in Lathrop Saturday. The boys placed second overall out of 22 schools and the girls placed sixth overall out of 22 schools.
   Boys Results
   Long Jump - Brock Wood, first place, 21-09.50.
   110 Meter Hurdles - Brock Wood, first place, 15.39.
   300 Hurdles - Brock Wood, first place, 39.85.
   800 Meters - Dylan Threlkeld, fourth place, 2:09.50.
   200 Meters - Brock Wood, first place, 22.89.
   Girls Results
   1,600 Meters - Caitlyn Poore, third place, 5:38.20.
   400 Meters - Meredith O’Neal, second place, 1:02.26.
   800 Meters - Caitlyn Poore, first place, 2:30.83.
   3,200 Meters - Meredith O’Neal, first place, 12:57.15; Caitlyn Poore, second place, 12:57.55.
  9628 1820 5/16/2018 son


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