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Shelbina Elementary Students of the Month were honored on Tuesday, March 27th at 8 a.m. They are (in no particular order) Mackenzie Darling, Parker Elsen, Preston Tharp, Aubrey Klusmeyer, Holland Brendle, Camden Purdy, Reid Schwada, Caden Stevenson, Dominic Maubach, Waylen Owens, Kolby Carman, Draden Black and Gabi Blaine.   9515 1813 3/28/2018 hdl

Shelbina City Council Gets Utility Budget Update From City Superintendent
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The Shelbina City Council heard an update on the utility budget from City Superintendent Dennis Klusmeyer and heard City Clerk Tim Lacy and Mayor Al Dimmitt address questions from Daniel Dovin in the public comment portion of the meeting during Tuesday night’s council meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Utility Budget Review
   Klusmeyer went over the utility departments one at a time showing estimated costs and revenues for each department, for where they stood at this time.
   He started with the electric department, which was still showing revenues of $3.674,956 and expenditures of $3,706,614. That is a difference of $31,658. He also pointed out a transfer to the general fund in the amount of $191,016.
   Klusmeyer said they don’t have any projects in the electric department. He said they are trying to get through the year as lean as possible. He noted that the debt service to meet the Schneider project totals $41,000. He said if they weren’t included the debt service, they would be about $10,000 to the good side.
   In the water department, he’s showing revenues of $534,378, which is a little less than what was projected last year. The expenses are estimated at $681,118.23. He pointed out that this was the year they planned to replace a service truck in this department. He said they were also looking at a water project on West Beech they want to do this year. He also noted the catwalks inside the facility for safety. The water department had a transfer to the general fund in the amount of $25,375.
   In the waste water department, they are planning for a major upgrading projects on the headwords this summer. Revenues are estimated at $386,808 at this time with expenses estimated at $359,243.44. They are around $27,500 in the black in this department. Klusmeyer estimated a $960,000 for the headwords without knowing a definitive number. He hopes that number fluctuates downward. He noted a transfer to the general fund in the amount of $20,801.44.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Voters to Decide on Elementary School Issue and Shelbina City Marshal Next Tuesday
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The following issues will be decided in Tuesday’s General Municipal Election on April 3.
   Proposition K.I.D.S.
   Voters will decide whether or not to authorize the increase of the tax levy ceiling to $4.4800 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation through tax year 2037 in order to provide funds for a new elementary school. To the extent funds are available, complete other renovations, remodeling and repair improvements to existing facilities; and to meet additional operating needs of the District.
   Shelby County R-IV
   School Board
   For Shelby County R-IV School Board, four candidates are running for two positions. They include incumbent Brian Threlkeld, incumbent Scott Gough, challenger Nathaniel Schoonover and challenger Tina Dovin. The top two vote getters will serve on the board.
   City Marshal
   Shelbina voters will be deciding on the Shelbina City Marshal race. They will vote for one of two candidates. Challenger Daniel Dovin and incumbent Jerry Fenton are running for the position.
   East Ward Alderman
   For East Ward Alderman in Shelbina, incumbent Alan Denham is running against challenger Harvey Skirvin.
   West Ward Alderman
   In the West Ward, Chad Wharton is the only one to file in place of out-going alderman Otto Alber.
   36/72 Transportation
   Development District
   Voters will decide whether to abolish the U.S. Highway 36-Interstate 72 Transportation Development District now that the 52 mile four-lane project is paid for.
   The polling places across Shelby County will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.
   If you have any questions about the April 3 General Municipal Election, you may call Shelby County Clerk Tracy Smith at (573) 633-2181.
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Fifth grade student Noah Wilt works with his grandfather Don Burroughs during Grandparents Day at Shelbina Elementary. The event was held Friday afternoon.   9518 1813 3/28/2018 hdl

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Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Shelby County recently donated $1,500 to the Shelby Community Fire Department. Pictured above Dennis Stiefel (left), board member of the Shelby Community Fire Department, and Paul Jarboe, Vice-President of Farmers Mutual Board.   9519 1813 3/28/2018 hdl


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