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Shelbina City Council Discusses Camping Fees For the Lake
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The Shelbina City Council discussed options to try to deter people from actually living in their campsites full time, which is costing the City money, during Tuesday night’s meeting at the City Hall.
   Lake Camping Issue
   The City currently charges $240 a month for camping fees. That totals $1,680 for the seven month period.
   Mayor Al Dimmitt said that if you took the $171 times 12 months is about a 29 percent difference. If you took that times the $240 it’s about $310 per month, Dimmitt explained.
   Simpson said you need to try to keep from punishing those who aren’t abusing the system.
   They also talked about a daily fee. Other things they suggested were paying for a month, after the month was up, leave the site, then come back if you wanted to rent for another month. There was also a suggestion of putting a meter in a couple of sites.
   Klusmeyer said in State parks after two or three weeks campers have to physically leave their campsites. He noted that they can’t reserve campsites at state parks either. The thought was to designated a residential spot or two with meters in those particular campsites.
   City Attorney John Wilcox asked if it was big dollars that were being lost or just a few dollars. Klusmeyer said it wasn’t a huge amount.
   After more discussion the mayor and council decided to do more research and put more thought into the issue before any final decision was made on this situation. The council approved a motion to table the issue for now.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Maddex Holds Second Town Hall Meeting
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Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Tim Maddex talks to a group of concerned citizens at a Town Hall Meeting at Shelbina Elementary Monday night.

Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Tim Maddex held his second town hall meeting in less than a week to provide information and answer questions about the proposed consolidated elementary school that will be voted on during the April 3 election. The event was held at the Shelbina Elementary cafeteria on Monday night.
   Maddex, who presented the same slide show five days earlier at Clarence Elementary, gave the same presentation, with Tom Pisarkiewicz of L.J. Hart by his side.
   Approximately 70 people were on hand to listen as Maddex started with a little history. He talked about V.I.S.I.O.N Core Values and gave a timeline of events which has led up to this issue coming up again on the ballot.
   Maddex also went over a facilities grade book for all of the different buildings the district has on the three campuses. The South Shelby High School/Middle School complex graded out the highest with Clarence Elementary coming in second and Shelbina Elementary coming in next.
   He then went over enrollment numbers and projected numbers for Clarence and Shelbina Elementary. He noted that the data for that was provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. He also went over projected numbers for future enrollments.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Debbie Vannoy welcomes people to the Lincoln Day Prayer Breakfast that was held at the Bethel Fest Hall on Saturday morning. The event was sponsored by the Salt River Federated Republican Women.   9495 1811 3/14/2018 hdl

South Shelby Environmental Club Receives a Mini-Grant
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The South Shelby Environmental Club has received a mini-grant of $1,425 from the Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District to purchase paper recycling tubs.
   The tubs will be placed in classrooms, offices and copy rooms for paper recycling. The paper will be collected weekly and put in the recycling trailer where it goes to the Monroe City Sheltered workshop and from there to recycling.
   The Environmental Club appreciates everyone who recycled their printer cartridges to help with this effort. The club will continue to recycle any printer cartridges and small electronics brought to the high school office. They encourage everyone to recycle papers, magazines and books by putting them in the recycling trailers at Sourth Shelby in the back of the school, as well as in Clarence and Shelbina.
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Craig King

Former South Shelby standout Craig King was recently honored with his teammates from the 1978-79 Northeast Missouri State Bulldog Mens’ basketball team. On Feb. 2, the team was inducted into the Truman State University Athletic Hall of Fame. That year the team won the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletics Association regular season championship with a 9-3 record and posted a 20-8 record overall.   9497 1811 3/14/2018 hdl


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