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R-IV School Board Continues to Explore Elementary Options
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The Shelby County R-IV School Board continued talks about elementary school options during its regular monthly meeting at the middle school library on Wednesday, Nov. 8.
   Board Reviews
   Elementary Options
   Tom Pisarkiewicz and Larry Woodring from L.J. Hart & Company were at the meeting to talk to the board and Superintendent Tim Maddex about Elementary school options.
   The first thing they talked about was the differences between a bond issue and a lease purchase. The bond issue would require a 4/7 majority vote compared to a lease purchase that would require a simple majority.
   The board saw five different options and estimated costs for each option. The first two options are for a new South Shelby Elementary School at the South Shelby location. This would consolidate students from Clarence and Shelbina into one location. The estimated cost of a new South Shelby Elementary School with 900 square foot classrooms would be $8,004,118. The board also was shown a cost for the same project with 750 square foot classrooms. That estimated cost was $7,407,418. They are working on an estimated cost that for the same option with more shared space outside the classrooms to cut down on the overall costs. Those numbers weren’t available at press time, but we’ll try to have them in next week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
   The next option was to renovate Clarence Elementary to have all students from Shelbina and Clarence in that location. The estimated cost to renovate Clarence Elementary is $5,217,241.90.
   The next options was to renovate Shelbina Elementary to have all students from Shelbina and Clarence in that location. The estimated cost to renovate Shelbina Elementary is $4,494,640.80.
   A final option was to renovate Shelbina Elementary, just for Shelbina students. That option was $3,128,430.80.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Shelbina City Council Discusses Options with Dilapidated Vehicle Ordinance in the City Limits
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The Shelbina City Council discussed how to approach the issue of dilapidated vehicles on private property within the city limits of Shelbina, during Tuesday night’s regular council meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Dilapidated Vehicles
   City Attorney John Wilcox said he liked the cooperative abatement program where the City would offer to help remove the vehicle and not charge the patron. He said they could budget funds to help take care of this issue.
   He noted that the ordinance says that the City can have the vehicle towed. Wilcox suggested working a out a deal with someone local to come pick up the vehicles after the City has gone through its process.
   If the vehicle is hauled away, it can be sold and the money can be re-couped. Wilcox said he would prefer the towing company sell it and keep the meeting.
   Another thing he felt strong about was that the City should hold a hearing on these matters. He said it will head off problems.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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South Shelby Middle School Cardinals Begin Season
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The South Shelby Middle School Cardinals opened the 2017 season with multiple contests on the road including 7th and 8th grade games at Brookfield, Macon, and Holy Rosary. The 7th grade also played an opening round game in the Highland 7th grade Tournament as well.  
   The 8th Grade Cardinals opened their season with a 51-19 loss at Brookfield on Monday, November 6, followed by a 43-8 loss on Tuesday, November 7, against Macon. The 8th Grade Cardinals would wrap up their week with a 53-14 loss at Holy Rosary on Thursday, November 9.  
   Leading the way for the Cardinals offensively in the 8th grade contest at Brookfield were Keaton Pantaleo with nine points, followed by Wyatt Owens and Levi Blevins with four points each, and Garrett Blaise had three points.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Shelby County 911 Getting Needed Upgrades to Equipment
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The Shelby County 911 is getting some much needed upgrades to its equipment, which will allow 911 to run more smoothly and effectively.
   According to Shelby County 911 Coordinator Mary Lu McConnell, the first step was getting new radios installed. The first was installed last week in the Sheriff’s office and the second was being installed Monday on the 911 side.
   They also purchased three new computers for the mapping software. Those purchases for the mapping were through Brandon Tarbet.
   McConnell said that once the call-taking equipment gets installed they can start interfacing everything together with the mapping, calls, and radio equipment.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Another Strong Veterans Assembly Held at South Shelby
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Veterans of all ages spoke to South Shelby students on Friday afternoon.

Those participating in this year's Veteran's Day assembly at South Shelby included (front row, left to right) Glendell “Bub” Rainey, Charles Kehl, Jimmie Evans, Bob Vickers, Susan Dunaway, Marvin Wood and Bob Vickers. (Middle row) John Wilcox, Tim Armett, Marilyn Kriner, Lereal Peak, Karen Dehner, George Little and Larry Mitchell. (Back row) Jack Wood, Bill Dodd, Leroy Adams, Bill Homan, Gale Buckman, Denny Sparks, Charles Hawkins, Carl Langhammer, Larry Cooper, Larry Roberts and Aaron Kendrick.   9209 1746 11/15/2017 hdl


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