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Shelbina City Council Hears Concerns About Messy Properties; Reviews Proposed Budget
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The Shelbina City Council heard complaints of messy properties around town, and reviewed the proposed 2017-18 budget for the fiscal year during Tuesday night’s regular meeting at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Messy Properties
   Shelbina resident Roger Starmer was at the meeting to express concerns of several properties throughout the town that are littered with junk and old vehicles. He said that he would like to see if there was any way the City could do a better job of enforcing a cleanup.
   Shelbina Police Chief Jerry Fenton explained to him the process, and noted that it takes a minimum amount of days before the City can act after sending a warning letter to the resident. Starmer said the current process isn’t working. Fenton and the Mayor and council agreed that it is difficult to enforce. Dimmitt asked City Clerk Tim Lacy if he could get together with City Attorney John Wilcox and find if there is a quicker route they could take to handle this issue. Starmer also handed out a petition with approximately 70 signatures on it from local people who supported his concerns.
   Starmer did note that with the recent demolition grant process that the City went through, that it does look somewhat better than it has in recent years. But it still has more work to be done.
   Proposed Budget
   The mayor and council, along with City Superintendent Dennis Klusmeyer, City Clerk Tim Lacy and Assistant Superintendent Rob Trivette reviewed the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
   Klusmeyer hit the highlights as they quickly went over some of the numbers in each department. He took time to explain the process to newly appointed board member Allan Denham.
   Council members will take the information home and review it in depth. They will then come back for consideration of approval at the next meeting.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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A one-vehicle accident occurred on Friday morning on Highway 36 at the east entrance of Clarence. A truck hauling corn overturned and ended up laying on its driver’s side, blocking both east-bound lanes. There were apparently no injuries as a result of the accident. The Missouri State Highway Patrol, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and the Shelbina Fire Protection District responded to the accident.   8913 1724 6/14/2017 hdl

Quincy Man Charged With Felony Endangering the Welfare of a Child After Alleged Involvment with Shelbina Teen
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The Shelbina Police Department was notified of a motor vehicle accident on County Road 443 on Monday, June 5. While assisting the Missouri State Highway Patrol with this crash investigation, the officer discovered the individuals involved had contact with underage females prior to the accident at a location in Shelbina.
   According to Police, at around 10:40 a.m. an officer was notified of the accident. While responding, the officer was contacted by cell phone by Jacob Almeter, who said he was the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident. He told the officer a friend had notified him about the wreck.
   The officer met Almeter at the Best Value Inn Motel in Shelbina. The officer noted in his report that he could smell a strong odor of intoxicants coming from Almeter. He stated that he had spent the evening in Shelbyville and a friend had borrowed his vehicle. Almeter then took the officer to where the accident had occurred.
   According to the report, while at the scene of the accident, Almeter continued to say that he had no involvement in the accident and also noted that the suspects had fled the scene and headed to Macon. According to the report, he even provided a description of the vehicle the suspects were supposedly driving.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Kids On Track is Boone Hospital Center’s CommunityYouth Program and is for youth who are 12 years of age or younger. They currently have this progarm in nine towns in Missouri Each program has a Kick Off Event in may and a Finale Event in August. Participants are challenged to accumulate 26.2 miles (the length of a marathon) of physical activity in those three months.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Neighbors Jam ‘17 to be Held at the Hawkins Theater June 24
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Neighbors Jam ‘17 will be held at the Hawkins Theater on Saturday, June 24 at 7 p.m.
   It is a live music event featuring local entertainment that will raise money for Neighbors Helping Neighbors of Shelby County and the Hawkins Theater.
   The cost of admission will be a free will donation. It will be a unique show that will feature a wide variety of music, all featuring live musicians.
   For more information, check out the ad in next week’s Shelbina Weekly.
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