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South Shelby FFA Banquet Honors Members
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The South Shelby FFA officers for the new year are pictured above. They were installed at the end of the FFA Banquet Friday night.

The annual South Shelby FFA Chapter Banquet was held Friday May 5th, 2017. The banquet consists of recognition for accomplishments, awards, scholarships, and installs new officers for the upcoming year 2017-2018.
   Following the traditional opening of our chapter, a welcome was extended by Chapter President Rikki Beldon. Following that, Caroline Weatherford gave the invocation. The dinner consisted of pork loin and potatoes prepared by the Blue and Gold Club, and a carry in from the members. The banquet then started with recognition for its great members.
   The Chapter Scholarship Medal recipients are as follows: Carly Collins, Nellea Dovin, Josie Hammond, Kanon Kendrick, Bryan Leftwich, Bethany Sickal, Jacob Taylor, Olivia Thrasher, Adam Wharton, Mallory Wood, Amber Durbin, Hadley Hicks, Angela Lombardi, Hannah Mason, Anna Werr, Braden Collins, Hailey Douglass, Ashlyn Fisher, Braydon Friesz, Anna Carpenter, Abbie Copenhaver, Brock Fifer, Bryant Fifer, Jeffrey Wilt, Kim Greenwell, Hannah Joo, Callie Roetemeyer, Makenzie Schwieter, Mason Shuler, Guy Timbrook, Cason Wilt, Grace Weatherford, Heath Besowshek, Kegan Hays, Gage Rainey, Morgan Ratliff, Austin Schaefer, Drew Wilt, Maddie Fifer, Tyler Beauregard, Rikki Beldon, Kaitlin Caldwell, Kellie Carothers, Brennah Collins, Jake Douglass, Caitlyn Poore, Caroline Weatherford, Logan Wise, Dakota Gwinner, Julie Westbrook, CJ Glover, Katie Mitchell.
   The Chapter Leadership Medal is a recognition of the point system, members earn points for being involved. They are recognized by the top three in each class and top ten overall.
   Freshman: Hailey Douglass - 102, Braden Collins - 81, Braydon Friesz - 66.5
   Sophomore: Anna Carpenter - 102.5, Bud Maubach - 90, CJ Glover - 76
   Junior: Caroline Weatherford - 112.5, Brennah Collins - 104.5, Kellie Carothers - 100.5
   Senior: Rikki Beldon - 138, Jennifer Allee - 96.5, Jake Douglass - 95
   Top Ten Overall: 1st. Rikki Beldon, 2nd. Anna Carpenter, 3rd. Caroline Weatherford, 4th. Brennah Collins, 5th. Hailey Douglass, 6th. Kellie Carothers, 7th. Jennifer Allee, 8th. Jake Douglass, 9th. Caitlyn Poore, 10th. Kimberly Greenwell
   Delegates for the 2017 Missouri State FFA Convention were Hailey Douglass and Kellie Carothers.
   State Talent performer for the 2017 Missouri State FFA Convention was Kaitlin Caldwell. She sang Jolene by Dolly Parton on April 20, 2017 in front of over 5,000 people.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Shelbina City Council Receives Audit Review After Long Delay
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Gary Luck of Luck, Humpheries and Associates out of Hannibal was on hand at Tuesday night’s Shelbina City Council meeting to give an audit review for the City’s fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.
   Audit Review
   Luck started off by explaining why he was so late with the review. He said that normally they meet in September. “The reason for the delay was a peer review committee, saying on our governmental engagements we have to have what they call a pre-issuance review,” Luck explained. He wasn’t able to get the pre-issuance review completed until just recently. So consequently, he had to delay his report to the Shelbina City Council.
   He first pointed out that under total assets its broken down to Cash and Investments, Capital Assets and Other Assets. At the end of 2016 fiscal year, they totaled $14,180,087 compared to $14,236,726 at the end of the 2015 fiscal year.
   Total liabilities at the end of the 2016 fiscal year were $1,018,824 compared to $1,159,807 at the end of the 2015 fiscal year.
   Luck said the net position at the end of the 2016 fiscal year was $13,161,263 compared to $13,076,919 at the end of fiscal year 2015. “You’re really operating at a break even situation,” Luck told the mayor and council.
   He also went over revenues, which totaled over $6,623,842 for 2016 compared to $7,036,468 in 2015. The biggest difference was the Charges for services category. Luck was guessing the citizens had a lighter winter than usual and the City didn’t bring in as much with its utilities.
   Under the total expenses, the City totaled $6,539,498 in 2016 compared to $6,870,777 in 2015. The change in net position totaled $84,344.
   Under the Statement of Net Position, Luck pointed out that the total assets were $14,180,087. Restricted assets totaled $5,440,780.
   Under the liabilities, the total debt is $1,018,824. The total net position is at $13,161,263. Luck said the City is sitting strong financially, especially for a community of its size.
   Another thing Luck went over was the Statement of Activities for the City. Total expenses for governmental activities was at $1,260,819. Business type expenses totaled $5,278,679.
   The last thing he pointed out was that the City had a standing of positive $83,344.
   Discussed Extending the
   TDD Tax for City Streets
   There was discussion in the last meeting about the possibility of the City replacing the TDD (Highway 36 four-lane tax) that is expiring in July with a tax for the same amount to help cover the costs of streets and transportation in Shelbina.
   City Clerk Tim Lacy said he spoke with County Clerk Tracy Smith about what it would require and cost to put this question on a ballot.
   To be on the August ballot, everything would have to be done by May 30. That would include language for the ballot drafted. For the November election, everything would have to be in place by Aug. 29. The council decided to look at putting it on the ballot for the November election.
   Lacy said this would require a public hearing to answer any questions taxpayers may have. He said the largest cost would be printing the ballots. The cost would run between $2,500 and $5,000 for the election.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Annual Young Writers Conference Held at Shelbina Elementary
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Pictured above (from left to right) are Arianna Harris with her father Zach Harris, Katelyn Wilt, Hannah Gaines and her mother Selena Gaines during the Young Writers Conference at Shelbina Elementary Friday.

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Turkey Totals Down at Local and State Levels
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Shelby County Conservation Agent Kevin Lockard released the 2017 Spring Turkey Season Numbers including youth season to the Shelbina Weekly. They are listed below.
   In Shelby County there were 190 adult gobblers taken compared to 236 last year.
   Two bearded hens were taken this year, compared to one in 2016.
   A total of 23 juvenile gobblers were taken compared to 29 a year ago.
   A total of 215 turkeys were taken compared to 266 last year.
   At the State level there were 37,178 adult gobblers taken compared to 38,967 last year.
   A total of 556 bearded hens were taken compared to 601 a year ago.
   There were 5,598 juvenile gobblers taken compared to 8,808 that were taken a year ago.
   Statewide there were a total of 48,332 turkeys taken, compared to 48,376 last year.
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Slide Into a New Playground Winners
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Slide Into a New Playground Winners are pictured above from Saturday's event at the Shelbina Lake.

The Slide Into a New Playground youth winners at the Exercise 5k run/walk on Saturday, May 6, at the Shelbina Lake were, front row, left to right, Preston Elsen, first place, Cooper Elsen, second place, and Pryce Eagan, third. The adult winners, in back, left to right, were Brandon Brocaille, first place, Crystal Nelson, second place, and Courtney Garnett, third place. The event had been rescheduled from the week earlier due to rain. A total of $1,491.51 had been raised.   8851 1719 5/10/2017 hdl


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