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Shelbina City Council Introduced to Police Department Drug Dog
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Pictured above is City Clerk Tim Lacy (left) swearing in alderman Babe Simpson (center) John Smith at the beginning of the regular Shelbina City Council meeting Tuesday night at the City Hall.

The Shelbina City Council got a first hand look at the Police Department’s new dog, Zuko, at the beginning of Tuesday night’s regular council meeting at the City Hall.
   Officer Cole Hinshaw had Zuko with him at the meeting and talked about him and the process of getting him fully trained for the department. Hinshaw said after training they are hoping to get him on the street by August. He said the dog was free. He said the dog would be commanded in German.
   Hinshaw said he went through some training at the Boone County Fairgrounds training facility and responded very well.
   Hinshaw also brought up that the department was wanting to hire a part time officer, Michael Fowler, which the aldermen approved later in the meeting. Fowler was a Monroe County Deputy for two years and a Booneville Police Officer before that, according to Hinshaw.
   Christian Church Request
   Shelbina City Superintendent Dennis Klusmeyer said that the Shelbina Christian Church had a request for the new Sunday School building that was purchased by the church. The building is connected with the south side of Brown’s Furniture. The church is going to try to match that structure with Brown’s Furniture. They are painting the structure to match and plan to put an awning up as well.
   Klusmeyer said he was approached wanting to know if the City could, or would be willing to help in the cost of the awning. He reminded them that the awning that was put in place earlier was done through grant proceeds with the TDD project. Klusmeyer said he told church representatives that he would forward the question on to the council to see what it would be willing to do. “The way I understand it now they have cost projections around $1,500 to do the short piece of awning in front of their building,” Klusmeyer said. Alderman John Smith asked if the City helped Cheryl Bowling with her awning when it was put up, and Klusmeyer said the City did not help. City Attorney John Wilcox warned the council that it has to be very careful in these situations. “I think as much as I’d like to help them and as esthetically pleasing as it would be for downtown, I don’t think you should,” Wilcox said.
   5K Run at the Lake
   The South Shelby FCCLA is requesting to have a 5K run on Memorial Day Weekend at the Shelbina Lake. The organization wanted permission to have the run and use Shelter 3. The council approved a motion to allow the run on Saturday, May 27.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Concrete Work Continues
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Work continues on East Chestnut in Shelbina.

Work continues on East Chestnut in Shelbina as the City’s Street Crew has been busy replacing sections of concrete on the north edge of the street. Pictured above is the third section being broken up and taken out to prepare for a new concrete pad to be poured. The work took place Tuesday morning.   8785 1715 4/12/2017 hdl

Lot of Moving Parts as Shelby County R-IV Rebounds After Tornado at South Shelby
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By Thad Requet
   Shelby County R-IV Superintendent Tim Maddex is going through something most superintendents will never have to experience in their entire careers. The challenge of rebuilding and replacing after a tornado hit part of the district’s campus.
   The good news is the school buildings themselves survived just fine. It’s all the other things that have to be addressed.
   The tornado that rolled through on the night of Monday, March 6, left a line of damage that will take months to repair. Maddex is roughly estimating between $250,000 and $500,000 worth of total damage. This article talks about what has been done in the last five weeks, and what lies ahead for Maddex and the district.
   “It’s definitely been a process. We had to take a week or so and assess what all was damaged and where we stood with everything,” Maddex explained. He has been busy meeting with insurance adjusters, and making lists of what all the district needed to seek bids for. That process is pretty much behind them now. “The minor things are easy to get bids for, but when you have to wait on a structural engineer until the end of March, it does complicate things and it extends our timetable,” he said.
   Football Bleachers
   Maddex said they are currently have one quote for home football bleachers, and they are in the process of trying to get a second quote. “We are trying to find another company that does bleachers, and they most likely will be coming out of Kansas City or St. Louis. Getting them on campus is sometimes half the problem,” Maddex said.
   He said they have received a bid to renovate the bleachers. The bleachers were grandfathered in under certain code standards. “When you get into renovation, some of those things have to be brought up to code. We’ve asked for bids for renovation and for replacement,” he explained. Maddex said that the insurance will pay the amount it would take to fix the bleachers the way they were before the storm.
   Press Box
   The football press box was flattened during the storm. Maddex said they received a bid to replace it the way it originally was prior to the storm. And they also received a bid to replace it with 10 extra feet for media areas. “We’ll look at the difference of those costs and if something the board sees as a need, then we’ll go ahead with it,” Maddex said.
   Originally, the South Shelby Booster Club had talked about putting money into fixing some water damage in the press box. Maddex said that with something like this with insurance involved, it’s something the school needs to look into first to see where it stands before asking the booster club for money.
   Football Field
   One year after the district put a new surface on the football field, it’s going to have to be shaved off about a half-inch to get the debris and nails out of it. New sod will be put in place to replace the current field. Maddex said they have one bid so far and are currently waiting for a second bid to come in.
   He said that will cover the game field and the practice football field between the hashes (middle third of the practice field from end to end).
   “We walked and checked the baseball field and there wasn’t a lot of debris that made it that far out,” Maddex said.
   He said there is not a very good way to vacuum a field for nails and debris, and a lot of the nails are aluminum, so a magnet won’t work.
   Football Scoreboard
   The scoreboard ended up in the lagoon behind the home football bleachers on the north edge of the school property. A lot of the signage from the scoreboard ended up in a fence row a half-mile north of the football field.
   Maddex said they have a new scoreboard that Nevco will be installing. He said the newer scoreboards are a little heavier, so a new support system will be put in to hold it.
   It will be a wireless scoreboard, so the scoreboard shouldn’t be shorting out like the old one did.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Hope for a Cancer Cure 5k Run/Walk Fundraiser Set for May 6
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Helping Hand of Clarence will be sponsoring their annual walk fundraiser on May 6. The walk will start at Chinn Feed Mill on old Highway 36.
   Registration and T-shirt hand out starts at 8 a.m. and the walk starts at 8:30 a.m. You can pick up registration forms at Community State Bank in Clarence and Shelbina, Clarence State Bank, Joyce's Embroidery in Clarence, and Herald office in Shelbyville.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Community Trivia Bowl and Spaghetti Supper Raises Money for Scholar Bowl to Go to Nationals
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The winning team, the Intimidators,are left to right Jared Wilt, Chuck Carpenter,Isacc Wilcox and Nellea Dovin.

On Friday, March 31st, South Shelby High School’s Scholar Bowl team held a spaghetti dinner and Community Trivia Tournament fundraiser. Both were very successful, bringing in total donations of around $750.
   The community quiz tournament was well attended, having eight teams. All eight teams were allowed to name themselves.
   The champion team was the Intimidators, followed by Stevensons #2 at second, Cardinal Pride!, Timinator, Golden Girls and Guys, Gryffindor, The Banjo’s, and Team 4.
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