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EF1 Tornado Slams Parts of Shelby County
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An uprooted tree and a grain bin from Rutter Farms were in the front yard of South Shelby High School Tuesday morning, following the possible tornado that rolled through on Monday night.

It was a downright scary night for many people in Shelby County on Monday as an EF1 Tornado rolled its way through the county. Traveling from the southwest to the northeast on an 18 mile track with winds blowing from 100 to 110 miles per hour.
   Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jim Kramper of the National Weather Service in St. Louis was at South Shelby High School to assess the damage and try to determine just what came through approximately 14 hours earlier. “Right now, I just don’t know. We had tornado warnings out and it could have very well been a small tornado that came through here. It definitely has a path,” he said. “We will continue to collect information today and then go back and study the path of the storm and try to get a better determination of what it was. Either way, it’s safe to say winds of 80-plus miles per hour came through here last night,” Kramper said just before noon on Tuesday By 3:30 p.m. he had determined it was an EF1 tornado.
   With damage that was sustained at the South Shelby High School and Middle School campus, Superintendent Tim Maddex said he decided it would be best to call school off on Tuesday until the condition of the buildings could be determined and to make sure the campus was safe for students and staff to return.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Trees that had been snapped off by high winds were laying across the southwest corner of the track on Tuesday morning. In the background is the frame of the football scoreboard remaining after the scoreboard was blown into the lagoon behind the home bleachers.   8733 1710 3/8/2017 hdl

Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fundraiser to be Held this Sunday
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The 8th Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors of the Shelby County Area Fundraiser will be held on Sunday, March 12, at the Father Buhman Center in Shelbina. The meal will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a free will donation. A live auction will begin at approximately 12 p.m.
   Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a local organization that helps with expenses incurred from cancer treatment, long term and catastrophic illnesses, and loss of home from fire, flood, or other natural disaster. The organization covers the areas of Bethel, Clarence, Emden, Hunnewell, Lakenan, Leonard, Lentner, Shelbina, and Shelbyville.
   Fundraisers have been a source of income, along with contributions in the form of memorials, and donations from community organizations and individuals. ALL the proceeds stay in the area to help our local folks.
   Since the first fundraiser in 2010, the generosity of the area residents has allowed NHN to “gift” $335,240. to 1194 neighbors. In 2016, $60,590 was gifted to help 218 neighbors in our communities.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Storms Containing Large Hail, Lightning Leave their Mark on Shelby County
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The siding and windows on Wes and Jenna Begley’s house took a beating from hail recently.

Monday night wasn’t the only rough weather Shelby County has experienced recently. On Tuesday, Feb. 28 in the southern part of the county, strong winds and hail hit the area. Jenna Begley, who lives on Route CC, gave her account of the storm.
   “We were actually coming back from just trading in our car for a brand-new vehicle and had it for one hour and was on her way home. We were three miles from home when the hailstorm hit,” Jenna Begley explained.
   “It sounded like there were 1,000 gremlins on the car with aluminum bats. The kids were at home with Daisy who is 16-years old. I had called her right before I got to Lakenan and asked her if they were okay and that there might be a storm coming in and if they wanted to they could go to grandmas.”
   “She said that they were fine it was just raining hard and they would be fine since I would be there in about five minutes. So we were almost home.”
   What happened next took Jenna and her husband Wes by surprise. “We drove straight to my mom and dad’s and tried to get our new vehicle under some shelter. When we got there, dad said they were on our way over to our place with some tarps.”
   Jenna asked him what he was talking about and he told her their front windows in their living room were blown out.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Large hail that hit Begley’s house.   8736 1710 3/8/2017 hdl


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