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Hear Those Christmas Bells
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Shelbina Elementary’s Christmas Music Program was held at South Shelby on Thursday, Dec. 8 in the high school gym

The Shelbina Elementary Christmas Program was performed on Thursday Dec. 8 in front of a large crowd at South Shelby High School.
   Kindergarten and first grade students were the first to take the stage, as they performed three songs, “Red And Green,” “Jingle Bells” and “Cookies, Christmas Cookies.”
   The second and third grade students were up next and they performed “Jolly Old St. Nicholas,” “Silver Bells,” and “Snowman Jump.”
   The Shelbina Singers were up next and they did renditions of “Carol Of The Bells,” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Filing Period Opens as Two Sign Up For R-IV School Board
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Two people filed for Shelby County R-IV School Board Tuesday morning as the filing period opened.
   Shelby County R-IV
   School Board
   Jarrell Foreman and Kendel Wood both signed up to run for a position on the borad. There are three spots up for election this time. They are held by incumbents Neil Roetemeyer, Lee Wood and Darin Boling.
   City of Shelbina
   In the City of Shelbina, there are two spots up for re-election. They are held by Babe Simpson and John Smith. As of Tuesday afternoon, nobody has filed for those two spots.
   The filing period runs from Tuesday until Jan. 17, 2017 at 5 p.m.
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Shelbina City Council Holds Final Meeting of the Year
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The Shelbina City Council held its final meeting of the year Tuesday evening at the Shelbina City Hall.
   Progress on City
   Improvement Project
   City Clerk Tim Lacy reported that they were planning a drive through to check to see if things were completed. It was to take place at 6 a.m. today (Wednesday).
   They are finishing up some odds and ends at the Sewer plant and other locations. There were a couple other street lights on East Maple they were going to check because they weren’t working.
   Klusmeyer went over some rough estimates for recovery numbers from the meter upgrade. He noted that the numbers at this point may not be that accurate, but he plans to keep the council up on how the numbers shake out beginning now and moving forward.
   He also noted that Schneider Electric said they would cover the light fixtures that were left out of the count the first time. There was some confusion and the count came up short, but Klusmeyer said Schneider agreed to cover the cost.
   They also noted that City workers will be trained on how to operate and read the new meters in town.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Shelbina Police Report Another Case of Counterfeit Money
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Shelbina Police Chief Jerry Fenton reported in Tuesday night’s Shelbina City Council meeting that two businesses in Shelbina were victims of counterfeit money.
   He said Casey’s and Ayerco each received a counterfeit $100 from people in the same vehicle. They had the exact serial numbers as the ones that were in Shelbina earlier this year. Fenton is confident it’s from the same group of people.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Some changes are taking place at Salt River Community Care. A small living room/activity room has been converted into a new Physical Therapy Room for residents and members of the community to use when needed. According to SRCC Administrator Chris Ratliff. the new Physical Therapy room will provide more space. They are also building a new community room on the west side of the facility.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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