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Derby Caps Off Entertaining Shelby County Fair
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The Shelby County Fair was capped off with the annual Demolition Derby that was held on Saturday night. As always, a large crowd attended the event.

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Shelbina City Council Talks Street Improvements
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The Shelbina City Council discussed streets being considered for improvement this summer, and heard a presentation on an alternate insurance approach, during Tuesday night’s regular council meeting.
   Street Discussion
   The Street Committe, consisting of council members John Smith and Otto Alber, said they had reviewed a list of streets and narrowed it down to seven different streets that they thought could be worked on this summer.
   Although they didn’t list the streets at this time, they did mention possible work on West Birch. Smith said they were thinking in the terms of chip and seal on each of the streets, which totals 3,700 feet of streets. After further discussion, it was decided to get bids on both chip and seal and asphalt. They hope to review those numbers in the next council meeting.
   Court Audit
   City Clerk Tim Lacy gave a brief update on a court audit that is currently going on in the Shelbina City Hall.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Trash Left in Recycling Trailers Becoming a Problem
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The recycling trailers around the county are used heavily by many local people. But some of those people are using it to leave trash instead of items to be recycled.
   According to Shelby County Presiding Commissioner Glenn Eagan, who spoke to the Shelbina City Council Tuesday night,
   The commission received a letter from Connie Thurmond of the Monroe City Sheltered Workshop stating that it would as of July 15, it would discontinue receiving trailers from Shelby County because of the issue.
   Eagan met with Thurmond and Jeff Blackford of Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments. It was decided to lock the trailers and sell keys to offset the cost of removing trash and properly disposing of it. The keys will be sold for $25. They are currently in the middle of a recycling grant, that has about three years left on it. The Department of Natural Resources would asses a fee of $7,300 per year for the county if the program was ended now.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Old Bridge Out, Waiting on the New
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This is a view of the Black Creek Bridge work that is being done on Highway 15 south of Shelbyville. This particular view is looking north toward Shelbyville. The original bridge is completely gone, with a low water crossing in place for workers.

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Truck and Tractor Pull Made for a Fun Friday Night
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Eighty-year-old Ivan Carroll (pictured above) was getting down and dirty Friday evening at the Shelby County Fairgrounds as he competed in the truck and tractor pull.

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