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Concrete Pier System LLC Receives 2016 Rising Star of Entrepreneurship Award
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Joe and Debbie Timbrook stand in the middle of their family after receiving the 2016 Rising Star of Entrepreneurship award on Friday. The award is presented by the University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program.

A large crowd of local and state leaders, business partners, friends and family were on hand to watch as Joe and Debbie Timbrook received the 2016 Rising Star of Entrepreneurship Award Friday at their Concrete Pier System LLC facility.
   University of Missouri Extension Business Development Specialist and County Program Developer Charles Holland welcomed everyone and introduced guests.
   Holland said that Concrete Pier System LLC is an example of the kind of business that is needed in Northeast Missouri.
   Concrete Pier System LLC manufactures a component for pole barns that can extend the life of a barn to 100 years or more. Traditionally, barns have been constructed with poles buried in the ground, which exposes the pole to water and allows it to rot and in time causes the structure to fall.
   Concrete Pier System LLC has a patent protected product has become so much in demand that the business struggled to keep up with that demand. It caused them to outgrow their current facility. That’s when they decided to build a new facility in Hunnewell. They have already outgrown the current facility in Hunnewell and have been approved for $1.2 million to create a new facility with separate areas for welding, building kit construction, and shipping.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina
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Shelby County Commission Pushing for County Road Tax
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The Shelby County Commission is pushing for a tax that could go up to $1 per acre to be used for purchasing rock for the county roads.
   The Commission is hoping to get an extra $290,000 to help with the purchase of rock. The county has 480 miles of gravel roads, according to the commission.
   The tax would exclude Shelbina, because it’s within the Shelbina Special Road District.
   Presiding Commissioner Glenn Eagan said that most landowners would agree that more rock on the roads is needed. He said this could be accomplished with additional funding from different types of taxes, all of which would require voter approval. Those opposed to the tax may argue that they already purchase gravel for their roads. Others may question why they should pay this tax when they live on a blacktop or hard surface road.
   The state legislators passed a bill in 2015, which was pushed by local leaders, that allows all third class counties to let voters decide on an up to $1.00 per acre tax on agriculture and horticulture land that can only be used for county roads. Eagan said this would require a simple majority vote.
   Eagan and the commission feel this would be the best option. He explained that this option would allow landowners to pay for the tax, saying they are the ones who would benefit from it the most. He acknowleged that no tax is perfect, but this tax seems to be the fairest to the Shelby County Commssion.
   Eagan said a big advantage of more rock on the roads is that it would require less grading and maintenance.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina
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R-IV Board Split on Depository Bids
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   The Shelby County R-IV School Board was unable to come to a decision on selecting a bid for the district’s depository funds, and ultimately decided to have banks go through the re-bidding process. This took place at the regular board meeting on Wednesday, March 9 at South Shelby.
   Depository Bids
   The board reviewed numbers for the depository bids as they were submitted from Community State Bank, United State Bank and US Bank. Maddex explained that at the time he received the bids (last month) he used the numbers that were currently in place and what the district had used as money market amounts and checking account amounts for the last few years. He said for years the district hadn’t had money in money market accounts until recently. He said that the money market and the checking accounts drew the same interest so it didn’t matter which was in which. Maddex explained that the issue was tabled last month and he checked into some security questions about using flash drives after the district’s insurance company had some questions about it. They sent it to their underwriters and the underwriters suggested that if they were going to use flashdrives for direct deposit, to protect identifiable information of the district’s employees, the district should purchase cyber security insurance. It costs $2,500 a year. Maddex said it would cover the district, but not necessairly cover the employee and what they would be out.
   Maddex said he was asked what about if they changed the numbers and put more money in the money market compared to the checking account. He said that could directly affect the interest rates in a big way. He said when he did the bid, he was using the dollar amount they had at the time. Maddex said with option two if you take the original numbers, and put just what they need to cover the monthly bills into the checking account, adding more to the money market, the interest rate difference becomes substantial. It would be between $6,000 and $7,000 more in interest if the district did that.
   Maddex said in talking to most of the board, the Community State Bank seemed to be based on the security and finding out the security could be covered. He said he wanted to make sure they were all on the same page. Board Member David Ridgely asked if they could move money freely between the accounts. Maddex said at a 24 hour’s notice. Ridgely asked if there had been issues in the past with the flash drive since it requires insurance. Maddex said they have had this system in the past and have never had any issues. “The reason is that the insurance company is questioning flash drives is because they contain a lot of malware if you buy them over the counter. The ones provided by Community State Bank are purchased by the bank and have the extra security measures in place,” Maddex explained. He added that the concern was human transfer of the flashdrive. “Who’s liable and when does the bank take liability and when does the school take liability of that information,” Maddex explained. Ridgely asked if Maddex was recommending buying the insurance either way, and he said he probably would recommend that after he finds out what exactly it covers.
   For the full story, see this week’s issue of the Shelbina
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Local Election Results from Tuesday’s Presidential Primary
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Local results were close in both the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primary races on Tuesday.
   According to results released by the Shelby County Clerk’s Office, in the Democratic Race, it was Hillary Clinton receiving 240 votes, which was 51 percent of the vote, compared to Bernie Sanders who received 200 votes, which was 43 percent of the vote. Others receiving votes in the Democratic race were Martin O’Malley (4), John Wolf and Jon Adams (2), Henry Hewes, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Keith Judd and Willie A. Wilson (1). A total of 18 votes were uncommitted.
   On the Republican side, Donald J. Trump received 579 votes, which was 42.2 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz received 548 votes, which was 40.5 percent. John R. Kasich received 115 votes, 8.42 percent. Marco Rubio received 80 votes and Ben Carson received 19 votes. Others receiving votes for the Republicans were Jeb Bush (7), Mike Huckabee (6), Chris Christie, Rand Paul (2) and Rick Santorum (1). There were six uncommitted votes.
   For complete story see this week's edition of the Shelbina Weekly.
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Chandler Honored
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Clint Chandler had earned the Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) designation.

Clint Chandler, LUTCF, Shelby and Monroe Counties Farm Bureau Agency Sales Manager, has earned the Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) designation. To earn the LUTCF designation, an ASM must complete five courses, plus Ethics for the Financial Services Professional. Established in 1984, the LUTCF serves as a proven designation for insurance agents and advisors across the country and has helped thousands of insurance professionals provide superior levels of customer service.   8017 1611 3/16/2016 hdl


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